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Meaning of Career to Me

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When I was 25 years old I would say to myself "Whew, I'm already 25% done with my life — I don't have much time left" To be fair, I gave myself 100 years to live which was pretty optimistic, but had I been less optimistic I'd have even less time.

But what I got horribly wrong in that equation was understanding when the timer started. It didn't start at 0. It started in my case at 19, and for most Founders, typically after college around 22 or later.

That means our "career" is only 3 years old. If we assume we're going to work until 65 (and it will certainly be longer) then we're at Year 3 of 43. We're not even 7% through the progress bar of life. The game hasn't even started, and we need to recognize that fact so we can give ourselves the appropriate amount of time to do great things.

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